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Congratulations to seniors Jack Sendell and Josh Cryns, who will play in the 2019 Basketball All Star Games! First game is Sunday, March 17 at 6pm, held at Cabrillo College. Next is the Annual Salinas Steinbeck Rotary North-South High School All-Star Classic. Tip-off on Friday, March 29 at 7:30pm, held at Everett Alvarez High.

3/12/19 | 12:41

The Breakers end their postseason run, defeated by the competitive Sacred Heart Prep. We are saddened to know the next time we meet will be 10 months away, missing some and with some new faces. We appreciate the love and support of our Breaker Faithful family. We can never thank you all enough.

2/20/19 | 12:54

Welcome to the new Breaker Basketball website! We would like your input on the new site, as it is a demo site. We are hoping to have a website that can offer more features and easier navigation around the site. Please submit any feedback about the new website to Thanks!

5/29/17 | 12:53



Check out some of our highlights on YouTube!

Watch the replay recap of our exciting 2017 preseason game against Jefferson, our last of 2017!

A quick look at the Jefferson vs. Pacific Grove preseason game. Game footage preview of the new Pixelot system broadcasted on the NFHS Network for Pacific Grove Breaker Basketball. For more information on subscribing to the Pacific Grove Breakers NFHS Network, please visit

Our three highest principles are clear:

  1. WE give our complete effort in school

  2. WE give our complete effort on the court

  3. WE give our complete effort in being a great teammate



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